Yoga, Holistic Fitness, Wellbeing, Water Therapy, Ibiza.

Warm welcome to my site! Happy Spring time to you! A time of fresh beginnings, esoteric¬† resurrections and welcoming in new routines. With this notion of SPRINGING INTO ACTION I’ve finally managed to get things rolling with my new website! Coding and intimate details of technology not being my forte I have a close wonderful friend Chiara Restucci to thank with deepest gratitude for GETTING ME IN TO THE WORLD WIDE WEB!

The internet can be a magical tool for connecting with the world and I’d love to connect with you! I’m Katie, based on the magical isle of Ibiza and I’m here to help you with your Holistic Fitness and Wellbeing aspirations! Personal Trainer (REPS Level II and III), Holistic Coach (support and guidance on living a healthy well balanced joyful life), DRU Yoga teacher and Water Therapist.Whether its so KICK START your SUMMER BODY, to learn how to DEEPLY RELAX throughout the summer, to balance, to have MORE ENERGY, or to FEEL MORE CONNECTED, IN FLOW with Yoga I’d love to help you on your path!

Spring classes from Relax and Let Go Yoga, Beach Yoga, or a 6 Week Kick Start to your summer body. Get in touch and lets see how I can guide you to where you want to be!

Lots of Love




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