7 ways to better sleep!

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I suffered from this many times of my life, here’s what helped!

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR INNER CHILD!  Treat yourself like a young child during this time. really spend time unwinding before bed. A hot bath, a nice story. Give yourself some self love (what does that mean to you? Reducing or removing all electro magnetic energy from your life after 19.00 (this will help activate theta and lead to delta brainwaves the frequency that we sleep at)
  2. Listen to an unwinding meditation, Louise Hay 40 minutes that will change your life, literally did just that (available on youtube).
  3. Make your bedroom a scene of serenity. nice soft sheets, fresh bedding, clean and today bedroom, soft (natural) incense, or an oil diffuser containing any of the following Lavender, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Sandalwood., Marjoram., Cedarwood to name a couple. Choose one that resonates with you!
  4. Avoid intense exercise in the evening. This is a time when the body is naturally unwinding from all the amazing things it has done for you during the day. honour this! drinking lots of fluids, camomile, lavender tea. eat light in the evening

5.  Having plants in your bedroom have been proven to aid sleep, Jasmine, Lavender,        Aloe Vera and Snakes Plant work best according to research!

6. During the day, make a list of what you think may be keeping you up. 9,8/10 in my opinion it is either something in your diet, something in your mind (a life stressor), or something in the universe. Address this and then do something about it.

7. Come to my Relax and Let Go class! if you are not in Ibiza, have a google search for your nearest relaxing yoga class (look for key words, YIN, DRU, DEEP RELAXATION), or find a good meditation practitioner.

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