7 SuperSimple Things you can do today to make you FEEL AMAZING


Following on from an amazing 8 day Alkalising juice fast I did at the sanctuary here are 10 SIMPLE things you can do to FEEL BETTER

  1. 3 minutes of appreciation upon waking. You don’t even need to get out of bed for this. Lay in your bed, bring your hands over your heart space and think of what you are grateful for (middle of the chest for your heart chakra) WHY? After 3 minutes, your heart automatically connects with your brain, meaning the 2 are connected. Every Guru or person who has ever inspired you starts their day with being grateful for something, or many things (could be as small as being grateful for everything in your bedroom, your pillows, your clothes, your bed, your partner ha!) These released feel good hormones to your body.

2. Set your intention for the day I always think go small, something achievable. WHY? This will give you focus for the day, keep you present.

3. Drink 1 freshly squeezed lemon in water as you get up. WHY? Lemon juice helps to flush out the liver of toxins, aids digestion, packed with nutrients lemon also has medicinal values and antibacterial properties. It also contains traces of iron and vitamin A (and heaps more)]

4. Pause throughout the day for moments of presence either on your teabreak, during a mundane task like printing, unloading the washing machine, , maybe eating lunch, walking to the bathroom etc, and BREATHE, noticing everything around you, sensations on your skin, notice thoughts in your mind without attaching to them, notice sounds around you without creating stories in your mind. MINDFULNESS IN ACTION. WHY? This will keep you present, calm, focussed.

5. STRETCH sat at a desk all day? Get up go for a little walk, stretch. WHY? Gives the body a chance to reset, the mind a break, will reduce aches and pains, encourage muscle length, again will keep you healthy.

6. SAY THANK YOU. Say thank you meaningfully to someone for something they did today or recently. Or say thank you to yourself. WHY? This will give you compassion, make you feel connected, and peaceful.

7. Pause for appreciation, reflection as you go to bed. Reflect without attachment upon your day, what went really well? What are you grateful for? Unwind softly into your evening by reducing digital use, pausing to breathe, take a hot bath, and put yourself to bed like you would a small child. Why? This will help the mind to unwind and relax aiding restful sleep.


What’s your fave?

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