How do you like your eggs in the morning?

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Winter Wellness

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I personally can’t face eggs first thing in the morning!

Here’s how to POUNCE and PLUG into your morning, particularly if like me you’re a bit of a GRUMP in the morning…

If your constitution is particularly dry in the winter, feel very in your head, forever having cold hands and feet, a changeable mood and a face paced mind you are probably made up of a lot Air, or Vata in the Ayurvedic path. I’m not an Ayurvedic doctor of course but have found good useful tools to combat this natural inclination to the previous list.

February is here, and I have to say it’s not my favourite month! Days seem eternally DARK, weather seems HEAVY, and of course the dreaded Valentine’s Day is lurking around the corner. Here is my morning routine to combat the Winter Dark times.

Morning routine!

  1. SHAKE IT to wake it. First thing as the alarm goes I force myself to drop and roll directly on to the yoga mat before my mind even has time to challenge it. From here I spend about 8 mins listen to tribal music and SHAKING, (as if you were stood on a PowerPlate/operating a Pneumatic drill ha!), GRUNTING (the neighbours LOVE me) and allowing my body to make any movements it needs to make. Result= mood lifted, joints/muscles loosened. (track Tribal Music)

2. Candle Lighting Ritual. Self /room smudging, candle lighting and prayers (a few minutes gathering prayers for the day and invocations) Result = calming

3. Warm Water with either cinnamon, lemon, or lemon and apple cider vinegar if I’m feeling brave. Result = Waking up digestion

4. Yoga/Meditation Practice, This will depend on you of course. There is SO much out there on the web at the moment, there are many short/themed classes on if you don’t have your own routine. At the moment I’m working on my own curriculum of building strength overall, opening up my thoracic spine, opening up the hips, and creating space in the lumbar spine region, so my flow sequence reflects this. I also usually try and incorporate headstand/handstand towards the end of the sequence as I’ve found it REALLY boosts my mood and energy for the day (all that blood flowing to the brain). I also make sure I have a gently inversion in there (legs up the wall, which I HATE but know I need it), and of course Pranayama and Meditation/Contemplation. This can be anything from 15 mins-90 mins depending on TIME. = Result READY FOR THE DAY

5. Journalling, couple of minutes scribbling thoughts/feelings/reflecting on dreams from the night/invitations/letting my mind run wild on paper/ offering gratitude to anything/anyone that comes to mind (or maybe your own body!) Result = Empty out the monkey mind.

6. Key Goal for the day – finally, in silence choosing a KEY FOCUS of the day. What is your aim for that day? Is in keeping with what’s on your Vision Board? = Result ready for the day

7. CANDLES OUT, Ceremony over,

8. NOW I’m ready for some Eggs!

If this isn’t an option for you (particularly the mums in the room) which bits can you implement? Can you and the kids do the shaking? Can you get up extra early before they do to journal?

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