Movement Meditation for Feeling Calm, Relaxed, Grounded during these times…

Movement Meditation for Feeling Calm, Relaxed, Grounded during these times.

During periods of external chaos, a hyper-active internet filled with scary stories of the Coronavirus pandemic, here is a short movement meditation for you to practice at home to help you reconnect with your breath, the earth, to come out of the mind and feel more calm, relaxed, and at peace. 

Sending you love at this time from Ibiza where we have been asked to stay indoors during this period named as ‘lockdown’ which I am choosing to rename ‘Self Retreat Time’

Being Responsible, Staying Relaxed, Being Mindful of others and Stepping Up-

If you are in a position of leadership in any form from teaching, facilitating, to business leaders this is a great time to step up, show strength, resilience, courage, and support your community (global and local). How might you do this? Being mindful of what you are sharing with the world could be one way.

Right now in ibiza, asked to stay at home- I have been blessed with TIME – so I am offering a couple of hours each day to giving back-

If you or someone you know are need any of the following (especially those who maybe feeling “vulnerable”) i will be offering a couple of hours each day FREE on the following next week

– Online via skype/facetime/zoom- (1-2-1)
* Yoga / Meditation/ Movement Therapy
* Fitness/ Health Coaching
* English language teaching (yes i did this for 10 years!)
* Support for vulnerable people (happy to deliver items in Ibiza)
* Or if you want to do a skills exchange also welcomed!

Please message me directly or tag relevant people

Though we cannot be physically together- this is a time when we can pull together as a community (global and local) to make changes, remember what is important in our lives, and to support ourselves and each other.

We know this will pass and the world will be a very different place afterwards.

To all those taking care of their families at home I send you courage, strength and love (especially my mum who has been very brave this weekend!)

Sending you much love from Ibiza where the birds are tweeting extra loudly today 

Katie xxxx

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