An Easter Wish For You



Mindfulness at Easter- Just a little message to personally check in with you at this time, wherever you are, whatever you are facing this Easter, I  just wanted to send you my love and thoughts to remind you, you are not alone.

As we enter week 5 of ‘lockdown’ here in Spain I just wanted to connect with you this Sunday- where it may feel strange to ‘celebrate’ the spirit/energy of Easter- traditionally a celebration focussed on death/birth, fertility, the spirit of Ostara and the Spring. As the planet rests and takes renewal offering us SO much time to reflect and feel- just wanted to sincerely send you lots of love,  peace, and presence with whatever you are facing today.


Personally, maybe like you, I have had many values and beliefs challenged, and it’s been a dance of MIND MANAGEMENT more than anything… dancing between joy, sorrow, surrendering, celebrating, some days having TONNES of energy, other days feeling overwhelmed and experiencing FEAR, to other days finally getting beneath the mind and exploring inner peace.  There have been moments of deep belly laughs via virtual meetings (those memes!), and moments of deep worries about family, health, the future etc.  The main conclusion I’ve drawn is that PRESENCE, ACCEPTANCE, and learning to RELAX the mind seems to be the best course with whatever we are going through.


For the past 5 weeks I’ve been sharing free live classes on zoom each week to gather a sense of community, to keep the body, mind, emotions balanced focussing on different themes each week- if you feel you’d like to gather in this way feel free to send me an email, There are also some breathing/mudra sharings that I’ve put on youtube, so if you need a break or a chat send me a message.


Image of Ostara/Eostre that made me smile today, remembering to celebrate the small things in life at this time- created by Nichol Skaggs



Sending you PRESENCE, AUTHENTICITY, & PEACE this Sunday
Much Love
Katie xxx


Link to short pranayama for calming the mind-


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