New Moon April 2020

New Moon April 2020

Wednesday 22nd/Thurs 23rd  April 2020 we have a New Moon which is good time to gather and reflect.

Whether you are spiritual or scientifically motivated, the moon effects the tides…  The tidal force (caused by the moon) causes Earth—and its water—to bulge out on the side closest to the moon and the side farthest from the moon. These bulges of water are high tides. As we are 80 percent water (or more or less depending on who you speak to) – and as water represents our emotions we may experience heightened emotions at that time.

During lockdown, as we have had many external factors stripped away, you may have found yourself more interested in nature, the seasons, the universe, and the moon as part of that. For thousands of years we lived in synchronicity with the seasons, cycles of the sun and the moon and to me it seems only natural that we would feel more peaceful by doing this.

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New Moon April 2020

New Moons are a great time for reflecting and calling in any new things we may be inviting in. During this global crisis I’ve encouraged all my friends, colleagues and clients to really KEEP THINGS SIMPLE, any intentions we may be setting or candles we may be lighting to keep their focus simple, but poignant. Great time to look at new projects, for focussing on health, and for setting new wheels into motion and to focus on improving mental health.

This month’s new moon is on April 22nd/April 23rd (10.25 EDT, 4.25am CET) and falls under the sign of Taurus. Said to be a good moon for renewing relationships with friends or family and starting projects of the home (I mean, let’s face it what other options do we have during lockdown!).

My little ritual….


if you would like to take part in this ritual on Wednesday 22nd April send me an email 




I will be sharing a full moon gathering with you for the next full moon in May (May 7th 2020).

If you want to join me for any rituals or classes, send me a message



Much Love

Katie xxx

For further reading on moons, water etc I recommend

 Lunar Diary

Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Consciousness

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