Finding Stillness In The Storm – A Mindfulness Short Course

Finding Stillness In The Storm – A Mindfulness Short Course

In these wild and intense times I hope you are managing ok, and doing your best to find internal calmness where you can.. Personally I have been really deeply moved and shaken up by the goings on in the world, and have been flowing into a period of introspection and reflection. I’ve tuned in and sensed now would be a good time to relaunch round 2 of the Finding Stillness In The Storm course. I ran this course in May and it was very well received.

It’s a short course, just one week, 30 minutes a day. We meet at the same time each day over 6 days for 30 mins (on the 7th day you have the opportunity to repeat your favourite session) I’ll guide you through some self reflection exercises, a themed mindfulness meditation interlinked with the theme that day. There is also a small ‘homework’ task each day (a nice positive homework task!). The course runs on zoom, meaning you have the sense of ‘togetherness’ and ‘community’.

Each session is also recorded so that if you have to miss some sessions due to other commitments I can send you the recording. All you need is your device, and either a quiet space or some headphones. 

Finding Stillness – A Mindfulness Short Course

The course is designed for anyone needing to feel calmer, clearer, more connected. In these times where there is a supreme amount of external noise I feel it is super important to keep reconnecting with ourselves- our breath, and the present moment. This mini course provides us with the opportunity to do this! 

We start on Monday 22nd June- Saturday 27th June, just 30 minutes a day. Don’t worry if you can’t make all the sessions they will be recorded and sent back to you.  Timing to be finalised let me know what works best for you- will either be 09.00-09.30 a.m. (so 08.00am UK) or lunch time 13.30-14.00 (so 12.30 UK). Limited to 10 people. 

Sliding scale for the course dependant on where you are at £25/£35/£50.

Sample reviews 


I just finished ‘Finding Stillness in the Storm’ 30mins mindfulness course over 6 days with Katie. Each class focused on a different theme & definitely left me with a much calmer and grounded feeling after it. Even when I couldn’t make the class, Katie’s recordings meant I could keep up & also go back to again and again when I need to find some calm. Katie is an incredible teacher and it really feels special to have time with her. Thanks Katie, can’t thank you enough and looking forward to another one soon!??? Laura, Holland 

I absolutely loved the meditations though and got a lot from them – particularly feeling more grounded and calmer, and as a result, happier! thanks so much for creating this course – beautiful!

Sarah, Spain x

Amazing and beautiful experience through difficult times. Very calming sessions which aided self connection

Maria, UK 

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Much Love

Katie xxxx

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