What is a water journey?

What is a water journey?

Water therapy is a perhaps a lesser known healing therapy- with an absolutely thriving sub culture scene! The foundations of water therapy come from experiments at harbin springs in California. The founder of Watsu, Harold Dull noticed a profound effect of his Shiatsu work in warm water. Over the coming years, he designed a beautiful system known as Watsu. Watsu was the first formal Aquatic BodyWork system developed. The system follows a set of movements in warm water to ‘promote deep relaxation, quieting the sympathetic nervous system and enhancing the parasympathetic nervous system’(1) , Since the 1980s Aquatic Bodywork has expanded exponentially and there are now many many forms of water therapy, each with a slightly different focus, but I feel all with a similar motivation – to help with deep relaxation, recovery and self healing. (2) 

My work of Water Journeys draws on elements of Wataflow, Healing Dance, and self directed study via many workshops, retreats, and programs. The foundation of my work is PRESENCE, INTUITION, TRUST, and ALLOWING THE WATER to promote healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and highest self.)  


What happens in a session?

Water Journey Therapy is generally received in a therapy pool- but also can be received in the sea for a very different yet also profound effect. The water in the pool is normally heated to 34C and preferably using a chlorine free/minimising system.  After connecting with the receiver, floating devices are placed onto the legs of the receiver and the receiver is invited to float in the water, supported by the therapist, and the leg floats. 

Most people have some kind of emotional response to water – either emoting JOY or FEAR. So, In a session we really take some time to connect to the individual to discuss their personal experience with water, to discuss any physical issues they are currently facing, or any traumas, or anything else that has brought them to the water. Some time is spent really connecting with each other before the floating. 

Each session is different depending on the needs of the receiver at that time. Most sessions will include STILLNESS (like in a lake, simply floating to allow the water to create space wherever it is needed), GENTLE FLOW (like in a stream, therapist making gentle suggestions of natural movements to open and relax the body and mind), WAVE (more active stronger movements to relax and surrender the mind) CHAOS (like in the great oceans moving the body inspiring our dolphin nature). The depth of the session completely depends on the receiver’s needs. Most sessions will include underwater waterwork (with the use of a nose clip) as this is when the bliss of really surrendering comes into play. 

There is a set system of communicating non verbally so that the receiver is fully able to TRUST, feel SAFE, and LET GO. After the session the receiver is stood up and given some space to process the session. Most sessions last upto max of 40-60 minutes in the water (though this is generally MUCH shorter in the sea). 


What are the benefits of Water Journey Therapy?


Water Journey therapy is a powerful healing modality- aiding the recovery of the physical body (great for overcoming MANY physical ailments-amazing for the spine), the energetic body (learning to relax fully)  and the emotional body (overcoming relationship issues, reaffirming trust, remembering, letting go, overcoming traumatic experiences, releasing tension, surrendering, experiencing divine love, reconnecting). 

This therapy is great for anyone looking to recover and heal, overcome any emotional pain, rediscover deep inner peace, or who would simply like to relax their entire system in a very unique way.  In a session your deepest muscles are able to relax which aids the relaxation of the central nervous system. You will move through a flowing sequence allowing you to let go, release tension, release emotions,  and enter into a deep meditative state.  Often people go into a state of ‘no mind’ as the frontal cortex switches off completely. Every session is different and depends directly on your needs.  Katie works 100% on presence, intuition, and creating a gentle trusting experience.  Three sessions are recommended but can also be booked as a single session.

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