What is Holistic Wellbeing Coaching?

Let’s talk Wellness…. I look at clients as a whole and design bespoke programmes on their vision.

Holistic Wellbeing Coaching draws on my years of experience working 1-2-1 with clients, and on numerous retreats worldwide.

I believe it is critical to look at all clients as WHOLE, emotionally, physically and mentally. Mindset, background and what you enjoy are critical elements to consider before starting any programme. Typical client ranges from those looking to lose some body fat, tone/gain/improve overall physical strength, or improve and develop their yoga practice. Also I work with strengthening core and lower back,  and with those desiring a calmer, clearer mind.  Over more recent years my work has shifted towards the healing capacity of water and my dream is really share this incredible therapy with the world.

Ultimately to support you in feeling MORE EMPOWERED, ALIGNED and MORE AT PEACE.

If you are looking to ….

Improve physical strength, lose body fat, tone, develop fitness, strengthen your core (and improve mental focus) we may then put together a more Personal Training blended experience. Starting with MINDSET and looking into patterns that may have held you back before. What are you working towards and more importantly WHY? 

Improve your posture, flexibility, feel more connected (inwardly and outwardly),  and confident, a more Yogic focussed programme may be preferable. Yoga is incredible and is the most complete system in the world for working on all aspects of the human experience. I also build breathwork and meditation into your yoga programme to bring peace, inner calm and clarity (and boost your immunity with mindset!)

Overcome trauma, feel deeply connected, experience a new level of PEACE, heal from emotional, or physical pain, I highly recommend trying Water Journey Therapy.

My vision is to inspire, educate and lead others so they feel more ALIGNED internally, and externally.

The most important thing is YOU, personalising what you need and working together as a team.

I really care about people and, I’m passionate about supporting people on their Wellness journey.

If you feel drawn to connect with me send me a message! I’m working a lot on zoom during these times for Yoga/Training so no limitations to where you are in the world! All my work draws on my Yoga Studies, Personal Training Work and Water Therapy experiences.

Much Love

Katie xx

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