Self Healing Releasing Your Blockages

Self Healing Releasing Your Blockages

So last month I wrote a piece about the secrets of water.  Today I wanted to delve a little further down the rabbit hole of self healing work. As the exterior world continues to flow into uncertainty and chaos- it could be easy to spend your time deeply worrying about the future, about your life and your livelihood- how you will survive etc…Is this benefitting you? The truth is we do not yet know how things are going to unfold, everything is unclear and uncertain but one thing is sure- having a clearer, more confident interior world will help you to feel more able to cope with the outside world. I’ve personally found- not watching the news, and avoiding people/groups wrapped in fear until I FEEL READY to be the best action. 

Today I’m diving into water and focussing more on  the human experience- to talk a little bit about one of our energy centres in the body where we hold a lot of TRAUMA.  Our Sacral chakra- Svadhisthana (the seat of our creativity). This is located 3 finger widths beneath your naval, this centre is often depicted as an orange 6 leafed lotus flower. 

Many translations are proposed for Svadhisthana Energy centre, our ‘Sacred Home of the Self’, the ‘seat of our creativity‘ ‘sweetness‘ and others. This energy centre is deeply connected with movement and connection, emotions, sexuality, need, pleasure, desire and sensation. And WATER is the ruling element connecting this.   Often through our childhood our second chakra becomes squashed, twisted, squandered and severed (Anodea, p106), in many cultures for example sexual energy is not something addressed when we are brought up.  This can be said to affect our relationship with ourselves , the other and the exterior world. . By focussing on healing work particularly in the lower chakras we may be better able to cope with everything. 


Working with your sacral chakra – self enquiry questions (1) 

‘Am I overly attached to pleasurable experiences’? How can I enjoy life without being addicted to its pleasures? Is my outlook overly emotional or overly negative? 

How can I be less fearless without being reckless?

If I feel SWAMPED how can I ground myself?

How often do I feel STUCK? Or from the other side- how often am I really flaky?

Am I open to change? Do I have healthy boundaries? Was I abused emotionally/sexually? Am I an abuser? How able am I to flow with life, or do I feel I have to control everything around me?


Do I have any disorders of the reproductive organs?

What is my flexibility like? 

How is my Lower back?

Do I have a balanced appetite? 

Do I have a healthy sex drive?

Activities that can help rebalance your sacral chakra…


DANCING! Ok so it may be frustratingly absent in communal experiences at the moment- but there’s nothing to stop you have a solo rave up at home. 

Anything CREATIVE – dust down your easel, and dig our your art objects! Personally I’d resisted art work most of my life because I had many negative self beliefs about it ‘I’m rubbish at art’ being a key one…But last year thank you to inspo from  my friend Morris, I created several ‘pieces’ based on my view of emotions. I got arty in Lisbon last year, and came back to them during lockdown 2020.  I can’t see any of them being commissioned at the Tate anytime soon but the JOY and PRESENCE these projects produced was superb. It puts our mind in a state of relaxation and FLOW that may lead us to other things. Gabby Bernstein encourages us to get ourselves in this state of mind each day, stating that ‘whatever brings you joy is your creative force,brings you into your abundance state’ making many things possible. Creative writing, cooking, clothes making, jewellery making etc- whatever floats your boat… 

WATER THERAPY– obviously one of my most powerful passions in life! You can of course read more about this in previous blogs/links to external pages. In water therapy we focus on really inviting in softness, flow, letting go , releasing, and feeling supported (thus calming the mind and bringing about peace to the entire energetic field) 

Water Journey Therapy- articles belowLink to vid

Meditation– particularly close to a body of water. If you are not clear what to meditate on I have some beautiful practices available privately via youtube link. Message me if you’d like some support on balancing this area of your energy field. Practising ‘I release the past from my body, from my energy field, that was then, this is now’ 

Emotional release– many breathwork tools, and somatic practices for this! If you are visiting Ibiza I have a couple of people who would be great for you to connect with if you are interested in rebalancing this area of your life

Anything that puts you into a state of SURRENDERING and LETTING GO. I often observe that people who have to have a lot of control in their lives often seem to have a lot of trauma caught up in the sacral chakra. I have witnessed both in myself, in many close friends, and in many clients I have worked with an inability to ALLOW LIFE TO FLOW FREELY. Particularly when I lived in the UK, my entire life seemed to be enslaved to a schedule, and more and more in Ibiza everyone was super busy filling their timetable – to keep a neat track and control over everything. There are many that argue that this entire pandemic has nothing to do with the virus/disease- but more to do with how much control can be enforced onto us by our governments and beyond….

 If you have experienced a constant need to feel CONTROL in your life, try some Yin Yoga, Floating in water/the sea, massages, Dru Yoga, Chi Kung,  lots of deeply relaxing meditation practices in relaxing asanas 

My have a go art efforts!!

Foods to rebalance your Svadhisthana energy centre…

Herbal teas and water to flush out the kidneys. Fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, pomegranate, figs, melon, oranges. Watercress, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, and turmeric. 

My favourite oils for working with the second chakra

Frankincense, Patchouli, Cypress, Jasmine, Clary Sage, Orange, Ylang Ylang, or Doterra do some lovely blends. 

Yoga for your second chakra- Hip openers are an obvious one! 

Here is a class recorded live in lockdown on full moon- focussing on creating space in the hips


I deserve pleasure in my life

I flow with life with grace and ease

I embrace and celebrate my sexuality

I move easily and effortlessly

Life is pleasurable

Much Love Katie xxxx

Recommended readings

Quotes included from these two books-

Chakra Book


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