Overcoming anxiety in challenging times…

Overcoming anxiety in challenging times…

November post- I’m hearing from a lot of people feeling overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, experiencing low mood, and generally feeling OFF.

With so much uncertainty flying around- this can make the simplest of decisions all the more challenging. I just wanted to share a few tips of SELF CARE to support you during this time. Historically this is a time when humans felt more anxious as we were preparing to settle into the depths of winter which often meant survival for many, this was without all the extra layers we have this year!

PURPOSE AND NEEDS Asking yourself each day – what are my needs today? What 3 simple goals would I like to achieve today? I believe all humans need purpose (even if that purpose is to RELAX that is still purpose) so by looking at our personal needs each and setting small goals for ourselves each day may be beneficial. If you have the kids at home it can be challenging to do this- but not impossible. Setting your alarm before they get up to schedule in some CLARITY time maybe a good medicine to start your day. Keeping things SIMPLE and focussing on what you DO KNOW rather than all the uncertainties will bring greater peace.

THE THREE Ms, Movement, Mindfulness, and Meditation. All these serve to get us out of our head, to create some distance from our wilful minds, and create fluidity in the body. There are mountains of material out there- and if you are strapped for TIME, glo.com offers sessions from as short as 2 minutes through to 2 hours to get you out of your head. Get out into nature as much as possible and BREATHE. You can also contact me for a bespoke Holistic Wellbeing Support where we can create programmes based on your goals and needs (consultation is totally free, then there are a variety of options depending on your purse)

NUTRITION wise, removing caffeine, alcohol and gluten for a couple of weeks may prove extremely helpful. The gut feeds the brain, so it makes it worthwhile to make sure you’re not stacking it with toxins that will feed anxiousness and mental anguish. Making sure you are adding in dark green leafy vegetables every day, lots of water (I personally prefer warm water with DoTerra Lemon and Ginger oils to be highly beneficial at this time of year), and I love a supplement called ‘Biotina, Superfood Boost’ which you can blend with bananas, oat milk and have personally experienced the benefits of this.

DANCE! Shake it to wake it! To really get out of your head and move your body, get all the cells in your body VIBRATING. Whacking on your favourite dance track and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE your entire body (recommend in the morning) 5 minutes if you only have 5, 10 if you have 10, helps to be in private so that you can really let rip! My favourite shaking track is here

CONNECTION One of the toughest things at the moment is, as human beings we all crave CONNECTION. Whilst many of us in different countries are having to be isolated, make sure you are keeping up your connections regularly – and do reach out if you are struggling. People around you do care.

CREATIVITY – When we do something creative – we stimulate different areas of the brain, we create a state flow where we literally forget ourselves. Create spaces in your day/week for creativity and see what happens. Digout your art materials and reconnect to that curious inner child and GO WILD! If you like writing, why not write a poem, hand make some things, do something creative in the kitchen just for the sake of it, and see what PLEASURE you get from it.

BUILD YOUR FIRE- having a regular workout schedule as some YOU TIME. For most people I recommend strength training 2-3 times per week (contact me if you need help with this), cardio THAT YOU ENJOY and Yoga to stretch and strengthen the body as well as calming the mind. Asana of the season- TREE POSE! Contact me if you need an autumn sequence!

SURRENDERING It can be really helpful to just SURRENDER. Surrendering does not meaning giving up, it means letting go for a little while in order to fully relax our minds and central nervous systems. Taking 20-30 minutes Yoga Nidras, or fully relaxation classes can be extremely beneficial. Remembering that often are deepest moments of clarity come when we are relaxed. The body is able to heal itself and the mind can go OFF.

Which one of these tickles your fancy and can you give a try today?

4 Links attached.

Relax and Let Go class

Breathing Technique to calm

Breathing technique to calm

BedTime listening- Louise Hay- Get cosy and listen to this- it may be a little dated but it really works.


Remembering that all this too shall pass!

Reminder I’m offering 30 Minute ‘I need an ear’ consults on zoom until December 6th if you need some support.

Sending you much love

Katie xxx

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