Managing Emotions- Some Tools…

Managing Emotions- Some Tools…

Short post today and something I’m sure we’ve all been challenged a lot with this past year- managing our emotions! The emotional body is intrinsically linked to WATER, and the second chakra, and just like the ocean- sometimes we are calm, clear, stable, sometimes we are WILD and ROARING like the great ocean waves. This is a very very brief overview for sake of ease- could easily spend pages and pages on each!

The key to remember is, they really really are impermanent…

Whilst it’s important not to gaslight ourselves- or ‘spiritually bypass ourselves by being unable to BE in a negative emotions- to really EMBODY and explore them…At the same time there is a good value in knowing that we can shift them when we need to, particularly so we don’t become lodged in a particular emotion and it gets stuck in our field.

As Tony Robbins describes, the fastest way to change our state is to change our physiology- so by moving our bodies actively, we change our state and mood.

Things that have worked for me personally and in sessions,

FEAR – Fear has been something we have seen SO much of this past year. From fear of livelihoods, fear of being sick, to travel, to the future, most people have their world shake upside down. As a result the root chakra, our base, may have felt extremely uprooted making us feel unstable.  Our basic instincts of SURVIVAL may have been initiated making us feel out of alignment and unstable. When we fall into FEAR mode, first of all take a notice of who is operating? What age is he/she? What does she/he need in that moment to feel better?  Activities that may help with reducing FEAR Gardening, grounding by walking barefoot, grounding yoga sequences, free writing, and voicing your fears to someone who will hear you. Practices to calm the central nervous systems from Yoga Nidra, to Mindfulness and Meditation will also be helpful. Some helpful positions here

GUILT – guilt and shame are symptoms of an imbalance in the second chakra. Often characterised by this sense of stuckness or stickiness…There can be many many layers to uncover here but often linked to our formative childhood years and beliefs we may have picked up from our parents (also linked a lot with early traumas). Reconnecting to water by doing a water ceremony, dancing, embodying the emotion and then shaking it out can be really powerful tools.

ANGER –  another hot topic for many over the past year, from localised intense living situations, to various injustices around the world. I have witnessed expressions of anger and frustrations from people like never before over the past year. (Symptom, of course, of one of or many of our boundaries being crossed). Living in anger, and being unable to shift this state can be extremely detriment to our physical health and mental health. Practices I’ve found helpful for releasing anger, kundalini yoga (tonnes of amazing classes out there, I love  for example.) Screaming under water (in the bath if you can’t get to a pool or the sea) can be really therapeutic in releasing anger. Vigorous physical exercise, from strength training, to boxing are amazing for releasing pent up anger. SHAKING, 5 mins shaking your body releasing out tension (here is a great track, also check out trauma release techniques here . Free writing and art expressing anger is also great.

GRIEF and LONELINESS- again, something I know many have been battered over the head by this past year! How have you managed moments of grief and loneliness? As humans we crave CONNECTION what things make you feel more connected? Some ideas, heart opening yoga live class, again embodying and making friends with grief and loneliness. Sitting for 5 minutes, bringing your hands over your heart, closing your eyes and thinking/feeling of everything, everyone and anything you feel grateful for is another one. Every morning as I wake, I put my feet on the ground- before my mind has had time to kick in with its nonsense, I say out loud THANK YOU and list as many things as I can bumble out of my mouth at the time…I then go and light candles with prayers for my own dreams, hopes, aspitations, and for all the things I feel grateful for. Also nice to light candles for others and send them your love.

How do you manage your emotions when they go wild? What practices do you use to feel more stable, and connected?


Need support with your emotions?  Do you have something your are working towards? Do you need some accountability?

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