HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE! Wrapping up 2022 & Staying calm

 Weds 21st December marks Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere and the official start of winter...
 A celebration that goes back thousands and thousands of years, preceding the birth of Christ and Christianity. Our ancestors around the globe would mark the solstices clearly, noted by many of the exquisite monuments we’ve been left around the world. On this day we receive the least amount of sunlight hours, which will gradually increase after solstice, until  spring.

Solstices are a nice PAUSE point in the year for reflectivity.  Some questions for you to reflect on 

What were your key highlights of 2022 and what did they teach you?

What are your greatest learnings of this year?

What are letting go of, or leaving in 2022?

What are you most grateful for this year?

And Leaning into 2023

What are your WORDS for 2023?

What are you calling in or creating space for next year?

In order to manifest our dreams, we really need to be in alignment in order to receive it.Example if you’re calling in ‘abundance’ yet your house is a tip, your finances are a big mess, your life is feeling cramped, squishy, dense- how can there be space to really manifest this aspect? Often the key to manifestation is rooting out the dead weeds (or patterns, or behaviours) in order to CREATE SPACE for the new aspect to enter.
Surviving and Thriving this periodA lot of people are on the move during this period….. and a lot of you are much more sensitive than you were before. Some helpful hints to get yourself through this period. 
Healthy boundaries (knowing when to take yourself OUT of a space, excuse yourself, go for a walk etc) 
Expressing yourself in a non violent way (I’m feeling …. I’m noticing…. I need to…Can I make a request to…) can help to divert those family rows or challenging moments Eating to 70-80% full then take a break, if you drink,  put a healthy limit on how much to consume before you start will help keep you balanced. 

Energy protecting meditations, and clearing your energies after are important (I recorded a video on this last week, I’ve put in on youtube, link at base, lots of other meditations out there just search energy protection meditation) 
 Keep up self care even if it’s only 10 mins
 Hopefully you are already pumped up with superfoods and organic vitamins! But I am Happy to send you my personal immunity package for this time of year if you need it
Counting your blessings and stepping into gratitude can help to keep you in your centre

Water sessions require a minimum 3 session booking and some prep work for newbies
This is so that you can really get something IMPACTFUL and take you into the depths of BLISS. 

And I’m really encouraging MORE MEN to step forward to RECEIVE 
You can join me in Ibiza or Portugal depending on time of year.
Water Journeys are literally PHENOMENAL Water Ceremonies and Special Treats 

2023 is open for Water ceremony requests, couples sessions, festivals etc. Add MAGIC to your day, event or month! Yes I can come to you! Message with your requests 
Water Journey Requests
 Finally, for 2023 I’m changing the way I’m working online.
  I’m currently creating a 40 day/ 6 week product that combines my MANY years of Healing, Learnings, Personal Training, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Water Therapy, Creativity, FUN, MAGIC, and life lessons. I’ll be offering you a complete masterclass type programme. Name to be confirmed! Suggestions welcomed!!

Thank you to everyone who received from me this year. Thank you for all the collaborations, ceremonies, workshops and retreats. It’s been magic! 

I’m always open to collaborations, festivals, retreats so if you have an offering hit me up. 

In awe, in authenticity, the high n low do make the flow
 Lorre Love Your Water Witch

ps. remember… Those who believe in magic will always find it
I’m interested in applying for the 6 week platinum programme
Link to video for energy protection

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