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Home is it a place? Is it a feeling?

Is it a person? Is it a pet? 

How important is it to you? How does it look or feel to you? 



It’s the moment when your nervous system exhales , thank GOD

Relaxation in your joints, your muscles release and peace in your blood

You flick the lights on, 

Beckons does the sofa


Your favourite blanket waves its little hand,

Come to me my precious loving human friend


The scent in the air is an aroma of YES

Your sock pile as ever is in a big confusing MESS

Shoes ever piling up by the door 

Knickers pouring out the drawer 


You drop and roll into your blanket friend

A giant sushi roll filled with love

You fit inside like a perfect well worn glove


AHHHHHH you sigh kicking off your shoe,

Oh balls should have nipped to the bloody loo

Before wrapping myself like an oversized fajita. 

You friend calls to see if you want to Meet her

There’s no way now

You can’t possible leave, 

You’ve committed to your favourite fajita sushi roll 

Crawling deeper and deeper into your comfort cave like a mole 


This, my dear, is the feeling of home. 



The Grey Space. 

I see you there all exposed and raw

Needing to be in the world yet paradoxically wanting to withdraw

Nothing feels flowing,

Nothing is growing

Other than the relentless angst in your mind 

Not knowing what to do yet knowing that sitting still is not helping

Longing for family, longing for home, longing for support

Yet not knowing where to turn

Only the yearn eating away inside 

Wanting a family, Wanting support, wanting connection, wanting home

Tired of feeling so fucking alone

Yet not knowing how to ask.

Inside that inner light has gone out, 

Inside sits an uncomfortable drought

The heart longs for love

The stomach cries fulfilment 

The feet swim and paddle in search of connection

The mind drives you mad in search of perfection

You plant yourself on your well oiled meditation stump

Feeling heavy, labored and like an ungrateful old lump

Breathing in

Breathing out

You don’t want to fight

 with this world

Yet the world continues to burn

And you continue to yearn 

For that Sense of completion, wholeness,  and trust

That everything is going to be ok 

That everything is ok 

Yet your mind drags you back to the loops 

like the waking dream yanks you back in waking world giant hoop

Breathing in 

Sighing out 


Finally you concur…..

To let go of clinging to the rope 

To surrender

To loosen the grip

To give space to hope. 


I dream

You see I’ve got this dream I have

It’s of a future way of living

Where we all have cute houses all nearby

A Yoga space to play in

A fire circle to close the day in

It’s beautiful it’s not far from the ocean 

It’s a place where you feel you’re soul is lit in motion. 

It’s a place of dance, joy & creativity

Its not too hot,  not to dry, a safe place to explore

A Real goldilocks place 

Without the 3 bears 

Unless we want them there

We have crops to grow

Fresh water to drink

A hot pool for water sessions

An ether dome for transgressions 

Cute houses each to live in

A sense of community 

For re establishing Community as the ultimate immunity

Events each week

A home for those who seek







And to be out of the slavery of the modern globe.

A place for magic for all those who like to  probe  

Away from the chaos & parochial systems

A sanctuary for reconnection & really feel for family and how I missed them


Going back to nature

Growing with the land

Having fun and moving our bodies


Deciding how we want each day to look

Acting like we don’t give a fuck

But we do

We are caring souls

Protectors of the earth

Searching for our home, our hub, our place

And i Named it the Space. 





And my heart breaks. 

Sat watching the news today 
Which honestly is a rare sight
This week there’s a war in Israel 
Bombs, guns missiles in all their might.
And my heart breaks.
Tears stream down my face
Seriously- in 2023 this is the human race? 

There is nothing to own in reality
Even this human body is a fleeting entity
We are protectors of this land
Every mountain, hillside, forest and sand
Gifted to us to love and take good care
Not to claim, as ours, our religions, 
To blow up, murder and snare 

Inside the rage burns so intensely
My chest filled with grief 
I feel so fucking sad
And mad
That this our world. 


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