Lower back pain- there’s so much to try!

Having had 3 massive spinal hernias it’s fair to see I’ve got quite a lot about pain, and particularly back pain.

For me things got so bad that I had to have 2 surgeries but I would LOVE it if I can save anyone having to go under the knife. For me any surgery should be an absolute last and only resort. once we open up the body we have then issues of causing major damage to the fascia network and cells, and in producing scar tissue which can be as problematic as the hernia itself.

As with most things prevention is better than cure, so if you’re back is causing you gripe- please please go get it checked it.

By who?

Everyone loves to do their job if it’s a career they chose right? Neurosurgeons love to operate, teachers love to teach, lecturers love to lecture.

for me, go and see the person with the most, holistic information. Not the person who went to medical school for the longest.

What do I mean by that? Doctors are amazing, surgeons are often amazing- but all too often they are trained to treat the result of the problem and not the root cause of the problem.

Go and see the very best physiotherapist or osteopath that money can buy.

For me after 13 years of issues, I finally got to the root cause of my back- which is not my back of course but my digestive system. The front and back of the body are mirrors. So if like me you have a pancreas that isn’t working properly – it’s going to have an impact on the liver, gallbladders, intestine, all the way down to the colon. Huge pressure in my colon created to massive hernias in my back. If only I’d have met these people before…

Iyengar Yoga is amazing because the teachers are training so well and they really really really get your body working well, from the actions of the feet all the way up. Any slight misalignment of the feet is going to have an impact elsewhere in the body.

I also totally recommend looking into somatic movement- particularly the work of MBC (mind bodycentering- Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen) links at bottom.

Focussing on stabilising the pelvis is critical, and making sure your deep core muscles are functioning well (any good physio will be able to tell you this)

Focussing on looking at your posture throughout the day. Not using shoulder bags, checking are you balanced on your feet, are all your muscles working well as you walk / move is always going to be a winner.

Watsu, and Water therapy is incredibly because it uses hot water, floating and a therapist to gently create space not just in the back, but everywhere in the body. The back is often not the root cause of pain so creating space everywhere will help.

Eating foods that nourish your digestive system (will depend on your bodies strengths or weakness) is often the key.

If you do train physically at the gym- book and pay for a really well experienced personal trainer and him/her t really check your posture and performance in lifts/ movements.

Don’t let it get as bad as I did!

Want help? Get in touch.

Much Love Katie xxx

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