I’ve been interested in this concept of alignment for the past year now. It feels like we have many different aspects of our lives that are constantly flowing in and out of alignment. Once we have felt or experienced alignment in a particular area of our life- then we have more space, time, and fluidity to flow within it. I’ve also been looking a lot at the divine masculine, and feminine over recent years, and this new brand also encompasses the marrying of those 2 parts of ourselves.



So if we start with the physical as perhaps it is the most palpable and visually graspable of the human experience-if you were to consider your physical form – how in alignment do you feel you are? How comfortable are you in your own skin? How is your posture? Your alignment? Do you practice Yoga, Physical Movement? How is your alignment in that? Do you need help with that?



In other areas of your life, your relationships, your worklife, your homelife how in alignment are they? And then spiritually – are you on the quest to fulfill your soul’s journey in this life time? Or have you got side tracked? How quickly can you get back on your path and out of your mind’s way?



This is how Align & Flow was birthed…


I work with people remotely and have 3 programmes depending on what you are looking for.

Strong & Lean

Calm, Clear, Connected
Align & Flow


Most of my face2face work is really focused on the FLOW aspect of my work, namely my deep passion for Water Therapy.